Fresh Start Foundation is a Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors to achieve Truth & Justice and to support their recovery.
Our aim is to provide a break with the past and promote the eradication of child sexual abuse. We champion the values of Truth, Justice and believe sunlight, coupled with self love is the best healer.
We are independent of Government.
To this end, we would like to invite you to our Conference at The Station Hotel in Perth, Scotland on 3rd May 2017 from 9:15 am to 5pm.
We need your help and expertise in whatever way you can offer
Come and join with us, to make our conference unique for being the first step forward for a Fresh Start for the future for Scotland’s Victims & Survivors.
Yours faithfully,
Fresh Start Foundation

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London M25 Road Blockade feb 14th 2014 9am

London M25 Motorway Blockade   We Need Faarmers unions protesters parents.
This event is being managed by 4 police forces. 
Your Help Needed Urgently. 01754 868 039  mob 07827731060Image 
The Stolen Children Of The UK London Motorway Blockade 9AM M25 February 14th 2014 
A National day of protest For all groups All Causes.
All welcome on the blockade THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST.
Calling all Unions,Groups,Farmers,Campaigners,Parents,Grandparents,Students,Activists.Teachers.Schools.Protesters,humans.
Your Children May be next Read These Websites.
Social workers are removing children from loving families without proper justification. Lets put an end to these family tragedies.
The Biggest thing in the uk that the public is not aware of and is our reason for doing this Blockade Stop Child Stealing by uk social workers for profit.
Facebook groups
Currently in the UK there are over 91,000 children in the UK care system. A very high percentage of this figure have been Stolen from their parents for reasons such as Risk of Emotional Harm and also Risk of Future Emotional Harm. None of these children have actually had any harm committed to them by any of their parents, however they are still forcefully Stolen from their natural birth parents by the state. These children have then been known to be placed into abusive foster homes and also been placed with convicted paedophiles.
Children are stolen from parents by Social Workers using Police force while the children are terrified and traumatized by these so called Child Protectors. Children are dragged screaming from their parents arms, grabbing on to mothers and fathers for dear life, crying, screaming for their parents to help them. Dragged from their loving homes at all hours day and night, dragged from their beds early hours of the morning. This happens without any court orders in force and within days the parents are served summons sometimes days later to appear in the Secret Family Courts of the UK.
In the Secret Courts of the UK parents are left in waiting rooms at these courts while the hearing takes place without parents even being in the court room but instead informed by their legal representatives that the Judge has granted the application of the local authorities for an Interim Care Order on the Child/Children.
They do all this under the guise In the Best Interest of the Child. Dragging a child screaming and kicking from their parents arms and from their beds and homes cannot be seen or is In the Best Interest of the Child. Especially when the reason for removal being for Risk of Emotional Harm or Risk of Future Emotional Harm.
New born babies are Stolen from mothers arms and even from the breast within minutes of that child being born and handed to complete strangers. All this takes place in the name of Profit, yes Profit as babies and children are big business for Social Services, Foster Agencies, and Adoption Agencies.
Majority of these Stolen Children (Especially Babies) under the age of 5 are forcefully adopted against the wishes of the parents and immediate family of the child/children. If not forcefully adopted they are moved from pillar to post between numerous foster homes throughout their time whilst in the care of the local authorities.